Malcolm Allison

Malcolm Allison

First date in charge: 01/02/1981

Last date in charge: 14/02/1981

Number of games in charge: 4

Number of seasons in charge: 0

Malcolm Allison 01/02/1981 - 14/02/1981

Played 4, Won 0, Drew 1, Lost 3, Win Rate 0.00%

Malcolm Allison found himself in a fairly unique position. He was employed from outside the club as a caretaker manager, which is rare enough, but he was also asked to advise as a consultant as to who the new manager should be. Allison was one of English football’s most flamboyant characters with his trademark fedora hat and cigar.

He was born in Dartford, Kent in September 1927. Most of his playing career was spent at West Ham United where he clocked up 238 Football League matches over a six year period scoring 10 goals. He arrived at Yeovil approximately mid-way through a long 30 year career in football management. He only stayed 2 weeks and was in charge for four matches and only managed one draw along with 3 defeats. There were some who wanted Allison to stay as manager, and other names in the frame included Denis Smith and Larry Lloyd.

Allison had made his name at Manchester City as assistant to Joe Mercer, then as manager himself. He was also known as a great innovator in revolutionising training methods in English Football. Some say he was a manager ahead of his time. He died in October 2010 aged 83.